What is MyWetty?
MyWetty is a new adult community for all people over 18 years old. 
MyWetty curency: Tokens, the value of one token = 0.1$ (100 tokens are 10$ etc.)
MyWetty Tokens Value for Buyers: 1 Token = 0.1$
MyWetty Tokens Value for Sellers: 1 Tokens = 0.08$ (80% Payouts)
MyWetty is built in new technology as WEBRTC and supports from normal videos to 4K up to 16K videos and VRVideos180 & 360 .

To open an account on MyWetty is free, but to use our website and to watch all videos trailers is better to sign up for a free account.
Note: all users from MyWetty (buyers and sellers) can:
1. Accept/Send Tokens, in profile or Messages system or PM (when you chat with a model, you can enjoy the tipping system also).
Send Tokens to any user from the site.
2. Add comments to videos, pics, etc.
3. Send messages via PM or messages system.
Messenger system, where sellers and buyers can share pics, videos, Tipping sytem, custom video orders, Videos and pics that are shared via Messages or PM, can be downloaded for each part.
4. Sell videos, pics, fan clubs, custom videos orders, accept tipping in messages, PM and on profiles. (So you can sell content, custom videos orders etc. you will need to upload your document for the proof of age at:
https://mywetty.com/member/account/myAccount ).
5. Follow, vote, give like or dislike.
6. Send virtual Gifts.
7. Send Custom Video Orders to Content Creators that accepts Custom Video Orders.
8. Ban one or more areas, so your profile cannot be viewed in that area, at: https://mywetty.com/member/account/mySecurity
9. Purchase Tokens Via Credit Card or Cryptocurrency via our payment processor: https://pay.tapm.online/ 
10. Make a cool profile, add a profile picture and a profile video(optional), add some info about you, some Hashtag, add your scoial network, phone number, snapchat etc. at: https://mywetty.com/member/account/myProfile
11. Your purchased Videos and VR videos will be for LIFE TIME and will be seen in: https://mywetty.com/member/account/myVideo/purcase
12. To see your Custom Video Orders, please check in your Account administration https://mywetty.com/member/account/mycustomVideo
13. To see your Voted models, please check in your Account administration: https://mywetty.com/member/account/myVote
14. To see your following models, please check in your Account administration: https://mywetty.com/member/account/myFallow
15. To see your purchased pictures and galeries, please check in your Account administration: https://mywetty.com/member/account/mypictures/purcase
16. You can purchase Videos and VR Videos for Online View and for Downloading, also each user have in his menu: https://mywetty.com/member/account/myVideo/purcase
17. The Videos, VR Videos, pictures from Fan Clubs are only available on Fan Clubs and they are not for sale on the site, you can see your membership purchased Fan Clubs in your Account administration: https://mywetty.com/member/account/myFanClubs/purcase                                                         

How does the Custom Video Orders works?
When a User asks a Custom Video Order from a model, MyWetty will become Escrow part for both of them. The User needs to have the Tokes balance(minimum, the amount of the order costs) and when User send the Order to the model, the price of the order in Tokens will be charged from his User account to MyWetty virtual Account (Escrow), until the model will upload the Custom Video and the User gives the Okay for the Video, only after that the Tokens balance will be automatically sent to the model.
Note! if the model will not upload the Custom Video until her delivery time and the times ends, the User with one click, can cancel the Custom Video Order and have his Tokens balance back in his User account in real time !
Or he can let model more time to do the Custom Video and to upload it.
Note! Models can reject the Custom Video Orders, the User will be noticed about that,  in notifications, messages and email.
The custom video order formular:
1. Your personal message
2. Choose: Select the package, Video resolution(from SD to 4K,16K to VR Videos also), Delivery time, Exclusive video.
3. Choose from 3 options:
-Price per minute for soft videos
Video without nudity! teasing video, sexy video, talking, soft video!
-Price per minute for explicit videos
Explicit videos, with nudity, masturbation, nude dance, masturbation with adult toys, squirting, creampie, cum orgasm, etc.(solo Videos)
-Price per minute for porn videos
Porn Videos, girl/girl, girl/boy, gangbang, blowjob, handjob, Porn Fetish, trio sex, etc. (only porn videos)
4. Extra Price
Extra accessory prices, special gestures or special requests, here User can ad a tip for his extra request or to motivate the model.

Note! For each Custom Video Order, after you choose your desire options from the form order, before you send the order, in right side, you will see the Total amount of the order, so you can send the order !

MyWetty can give Tokens for Users that want to use PayPal to purchase, for that please e-mail us at: support@mywetty.com
Tokens will be added in your account once we get the PayPal transfer !

For more questions and info please e-mail us at: support@mywetty.com
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